Why Choose Vascular Institute?

Our highly skilled physicians offer the most minimally invasive endovascular treatment options available. Our procedures only require a tiny incision and you do not have to be under full sedation.

Our patients are home and walking the same day, and experience immediate relief!

Interventional Radiology also reduces cost, recovery time, pain, and risk to patients who would otherwise need traditional open surgery.

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Non-Invasive Diagnostic Screening

Identifies arterial, blockages, venous disease, blood pressure cuffs are applied to the thighs, calves, and toes to identify diminished blood flow.



A minimally invasive procedure designed to remove the build up of plaque in the arteries, thus returning blood flow to the area.



A minimally invasive procedure performed to open up narrowed arteries or blocked vessels to improve blood flow.


Stent Placement

A stent may be placed in the artery in order to keep it open, which in turn reduces the chance of it narrowing again.


Radio-frequency Ablation

A minimally invasive procedure designed to reroute the blood supply from the problematic vein to a healthier vein.



Involves injecting a solution into vein  to remove varicose veins and reroute  blood supply to a healthier vein.

What to Expect?

After you meet with one of our skilled physicians for your full vascular consultation, they may identify that there is disease built up in your arteries which can be treated utilizing our state-of-the-art technology and minimally-invasive treatment options. If that is the case, the process for the procedure is really quite simple. Our staff will welcome you in on your day of procedure and get you prepped and ready.

The actual procedure itself only requires light sedation in a ‘twilight’ state, which means you will not have to be put under full anesthesia for this treatment. The procedure typically takes only 45 minutes – 2 hours. After procedure, you will be kept comfortable in our recovery room for 2-3 hours while our highly experienced medical staff monitors you prior to releasing you back to the comfort of your own home.

What To Ex

Our physicians then follow up with you a few days after your procedure to be assure you are healing and that everything is looking good! Many of our patients experience almost immediate relief and are able to finally experience the higher quality of life that they had previously been missing for so many years prior to treatment. Vascular Institute not only saves limbs, but we also save lives!